Monitoring Centers provide more security to the environment and allow remote monitoring of locations.


Flexible solution that allows connection, processing and sharing from different sources regardless of the number of monitors and locations.


Viewing content in real time is critical for quick and correct decision making at a business meeting.



Created to address today’s unprecedented workload, quality and customization needs in visualization systems, HORUS presents the future of digital video management and large-scale visualization devices. Based on a client-server structure, HORUS is composed of three modules:


It optimizes the management of GPU, CPU and inputs/outputs, executed on the videowall processor.


Installed on any computer with Windows operating system, which is connected directly to the videowall processor, or as a remote client, it offers a wide set of intuitive display panel network management tools.


Client component that allows one-click access to pre-defined layouts, allowing quick and simple change of visualization scenarios while keeping your data protected.


With its intuitive “drag, and drop” structure, HORUS enables the composition of layouts quickly and with easy access to advanced properties of video sources, allowing the user to control of all aspects of the visual presentation effortlessly.

HORUS can open multiple video streams synchronized on a single panel, in any mosaic layout. Transitions between elaborate and multilayered visualization scenarios can be easily created using the timeline display tool and the play-out scheduler. The layouts are saved as predefined which can be easily executed directly in the videowall processor.

HORUS allows the user to play, pause and manipulate each source individually.


HORUS was developed to be customized to the client’s needs. A basic license includes support for direct inputs, local video files and network video streams, however, HORUS can be customized to manage an unparalleled variety of sources, including remote computers, web browsers, multiple image formats, RSS, flash, watches, QR codes, third-party applications and external signal management.


HORUS has an upscale functionality of remote real-time viewing of sources on a wide variety of devices, from remote PCs to portable devices. In other words, this means that remote users can access video sources wherever they are, with a true “portable” mini videowall.


HORUS components communicate through an exclusive and patented communication component that links the HORUS server to its customers in a secure and intelligent VPN. Compatible with Windows Active Directory, HORUS presents user management tools to protect the system against unauthorized access.


HORUS is scalable from managing a single video wall to managing complex visualization networks with multiple video walls and / or monitors. A single HORUS Administrator can manage unlimited monitors or videowalls regardless of their geographic location.


HORUS Graphic Manager are products which are developed with the highest technology and quality. They have a very flexible technical specification and can be supplied to the customer according to their technical and functional needs, with a capacity of 2 to 32 high-resolution monitors per server.

HORUS Graphic Manager works in centralized or decentralized topology, being able to be incorporated to the high availability in the topology, with main and redundant servers.

The HORUS Graphic Manager components with a state-of-the-art level, Intel processors family i5, i7 and Xeon, having one or two processors per controller. It is approved for Datapath, Matrox, PNY graphics cards.

It allows different ports of graphic connectivity such as: Quad HD, DVI, Analog RGB, SDI, HD-SDI and sources via IP network.

Through third-party automation systems, such as AMX and Crestron, the HORUS Graphic Manager can be controlled in an integrated manner with the automation solution of the multipurpose room, command and control center or Digital Signage.

Highly performance equipment, customized to the client’s real needs.


Multiple users with different access profiles.


  • VNC
  • Text Fields
  • RSS Feeds
  • Still pictures
  • Watch
  • Audio signals, when present, are treated together with the video source
  • Physical – unlimited (requires video capture card compatible with source resolution)

  • Streaming formats: HTTP, UDP, RTP, RTSP
  • Video on demand: Flash, Youtube
  • Web pages via internal browser in HTML4 and HTML5
  • QR Codes
  • Windows Remote Desktop (RDP)
  • Simultaneous sharing of multiple desktops from computers and mobile devices (Windows, OSX, Apple iOS and Android) using Ethernet or Wi-Fi network
  • Local video – video files stored internally on the server or in a networked file repository, in resolutions up to 4K

Any combination of entries can be used, with no limit on quantities.


  • Physical – unlimited (requires video capture card compatible with source resolution)
  • Streaming of all available inputs, its visualization is possible through browsers or VLC on any device, CPU or mobile (smartphones and tablets)


  • Up and down scalling;
  • Cutting (crop);
  • Anamorphosis;
  • Opacity – videos can be overlaid with the top layer with low opacity, creating a transparency effect


  • Unlimited presets for screen layout, fonts, scaling, etc.
  • Transition between manual presets, by timeline, or by external trigger (Telnet, RS232)


  • All visualization system components (video controllers, server) can operate in full and hot redundancy mode, through an optional license for redundancy.
  • HORUS redundancy preserves all systemic configuration, user profile, pre-defined layouts and integrations with information sources


  • Compatible with Microsoft Active Directory integration
  • Remote access via VPN



HORUS Support has been specially developed to assemble panels of an unlimited number of monitors up to 70”. Developed in anti-corrosion treated steel and painted in black anti-rust epoxy, it allows the use in controlled places like Command-and-Control Centers or open places like Digital Signage projects

Its main characteristics:

  • Pantographic support facilitates the installation and uninstallation of monitors with frontal access, and avoids removing monitors around, with a frontal opening of up to 240 mm
  • Safety locks to block the pantographic function
  • Micro side adjustments for left and right
  • Micro adjustments for back and forth up to 12mm
  • Micro adjustments up and down up to 13mm
  • Polyurethane handles for adjustments



Visualization of vital information in real time

Operational Control Centers provide more security to the environment and allow remote monitoring of locations, that´s why the information received does not fail.

HORUS makes it simple to operate comprehensive systems and manage the distribution of information on large networks, with a virtually unlimited number of sources, display screens, and connected operators.

HORUS is designed to be a secure system that can manage virtually any number of sources.


HORUS broadcasts news and advertisements in a customized way, allowing you to manage content according to your needs and in real time, accessing only a single device.

Our solution is flexible and allows connection, processing and sharing from different sources regardless of the number of monitors and locations.

The monitors can be controlled centrally through a single interface or decentralized, depending on the requirements of the project.

HORUS has advanced features for the option of composing the layout, including a timeline, scheduling for real-time disclosure or scheduled for months ahead.


Viewing content in real time is critical for quick and correct decision making at a business meeting.

HORUS is a solution optimized for corporate environments, allowing collaborative and organized visualization of different sources of information essential for the operation and business of the company.

Management of different sources of information, made available in an organized and easy to manage manner, such as drag-and-drop, allows the creation of efficient layouts for meetings and is easy.

The sources of information in a corporate environment can be open or subscribed television channels, presentations, spreadsheets, multimedia videos, videoconferencing, business management systems, IT environment monitoring systems and Telecommunications.

With ease of use in mind, it allows the people to manage the information to be viewed during the meeting, allowing the creation of pre-defined layouts, real-time layouts and the inclusion or exclusion of information sources.


The cabinets with elevator for Seal Custom monitors are elegant, motorized and with automatic tilting to ensure better ergonomics, visibility and viewing angle. Control several monitors that can be activated remotely via the control table. For more efficient meetings, the images transmitted on video panels or videowalls can be replicated on the monitors that will be used.



Seal Telecom Vostro 14 family 5000 notebooks are products developed with the highest technology, quality and differentiated added value with OEM manufacturing with DELL Inc and DELL do Brasil.
• Thin and light design with 14 inch Full HD screen;
• Fingerprint authentication;
• 1st with Intel® Core ™ 10th generation designed for businesses;
• More speed with SSD storage;
• Graphical performance with NVIDIA MX230 graphics card;
• Fast charging with ExpressCharge;
• Connect your smartphone with Dell Mobile Connect.
Notebooks have flexible technical specifications, which can be customized as needed.



Seal Telecom is an integrator of customized solutions that combines innovative technologies for efficient and economically viable projects. Among the company’s offerings are Audio and Video solutions, Security and Unified Communication.


Meet the needs of our customers, ensuring interaction by voice, image and effective data sharing, enabling communication with quality and security at an international level.


Be recognized by employees, partners and customers as a national leader in the integration of solutions for Unified Communications, Audio & Video and Security, standing out for the excellence in the services provided, exceeding the expectations of our customers.


  • Keeping focus on the customer, monitoring all project processes, from pre to post sales;
  • Commitment and integrity with our customers, employees, or partners, through transparency, applying moral and ethical principles;
  • Cultivating and spreading mutual respect;
  • Encouraging team work in a collaborative environment;
  • Keeping up to date with new technologies, encouraging continuous development and specialization of our skills to better meet the needs of our customers.


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